What’s a Hangout: Where To Find Hot Item Concepts For Your Next Project

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Posted on: July 16, 2017
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What’s a Hangout really is?

Many ask that question online and the answer varies: hangouts google com, google hangouts download, google hangouts app, hangout music fest. Well I am going to use the phrase what’s a hangout in relation to laying out some goodies hanging-out on Amazon.

You might have being ask several times as I do to myself “Where can I discover hot product ideas to write about in my first eBook?”

what's a hangoutWhat really is a hangout? Well, from a social point of view, it enables you to link with individuals anywhere in the globe. Up to 10 individuals could sign up with a hangout as well as conversation with the various other individuals.

If you are doing YouTube advertising and marketing, this extremely well might be your ace in the hole, at the very least till every person else catches on.

Just what is a Google+ Hangout anyhow? It is generally a totally free video clip conferencing system that any person could make use of to start a hangout as long as you have a g-mail address, cool!

OK, back to sharing my favorite “idea hangouts”.

That’s right … “concept hangouts.” It’s been my experience that there specify places where hot item ideas are constantly collected. I call them “idea hangouts.”.

One of the hangout idea that I’ve recognized is Amazon.com.

Amazon can be considered as the web’s largest bookstore.

It’s also a recreation center for new item ideas. One can use it for a leading conceptualizing resources. Again and again I visit this site to come up with topics to discuss.

Exactly what makes Amazon.com so helpful as a research study tool for getting new ideas is their searchable database of books. If you just know how to utilize it, there are thousands of great ideas lurking in there.

I’m going to reveal you ways to find hot item ideas with Amazon.com anytime you want.

It’s actually a matter of 3 easy actions …

Decide Upon A Broad Category. When brainstorming ideas, you must begin with a broad category to work with. Some examples may be: weight-loss, marketing, dating, travel, baseball.

You require that ahead of time. Determine a broad topic that you know is popular (I.E. You know that slimming down is ALWAYS going to be a popular subject, as is “earning money.”).

As an example for this article, I’m going to choose GOLF.

Search Amazon’s Database. After selecting your broad topic to research, it’s time to go to Amazon.com.

Particularly, you’re going to SEARCH their database of books they are selling.

Upon arriving at their site, find their SEARCH kind. At the time of this writing, it was in the upper left hand corner of their main page. Pull the menu down and select BOOKS from the choices.

In the area offered, type in whatever broad category you chose. I ‘d enter “Golf”. (You don’t require quotation marks).

If you did certainly begin with a broad classification, then hundreds (or perhaps thousands) of book listings ought to appear as an outcome of the search.

Brainstorm Ideas From The Listings. Let the conceptualizing session begin! Now it’s time to look at the books that are noted and make a note of as numerous possible concepts as you can find.

Look for the different TYPES of books written about the topic, determining various THEMES, STYLES and SUBCATEGORIES.

When I searched for “Golf”, I had the ability to right away spot dozens of excellent ideas. Here are a handful …

1. Becoming a much better golf player. There are numerous golf books offered in this location, covering whatever from “A-Z of Golf Shots” to specific subjects such as “Improving Your Short Game.” There were lots of various themes from “learning to break 100” to “shaving 10 shots off your score” to “7 shots that will change your golf game permanently.”.

Again, we have numerous various concepts here. Particular golf guides like “Florida playing golf”, “playing golf in Tennessee” and “playing golf the Robert Trent Jones path” appear, as well as books on “the best golf courses in America,” “best kept secrets: fantastic golf courses you’ve probably never ever played,” and “golf holiday guides.”.

3. Making money from Golf. More ideas pour in with “opening a golf repair work service,” “ending up being a golf seller,” “finding out the best ways to caddy” and “selling & purchasing used golf clubs.” What about “running an online golf auction”, “arranging a golf tournament for earnings” or even “composing info items about golf!”.

There are millions of dollars in service offers worked out on the golf course every single year. “How to negotiate business offers throughout golf trips,” “Legal golf tax deductions for businesspeople,” and “service workshops and golf: how to blend training and fun for optimum profit” are simply a couple of more concepts worth checking out.

My, my, my there are so lots of ideas drifting around in here! Resource guides to discovering the finest offers on golfing products, how to negotiate discount rates, and how to find the finest products for your specific golf game likewise come to mind as item ideas.

One Broad Category (Golf).
+ Amazon.com Searchable Database of Books.
= 28 Potential Product Ideas.

See how easy that was? I found TWENTY-EIGHT prospective brand-new item ideas (and there were MANY MORE that I didn’t mention in this article) from a basic brainstorming exercise using ONE “idea hangout.”.

There’s got to be a best-seller because lot somewhere. And certainly with a little “mix -n- match” I can create a hit product with these concepts.

Not bad, eh on my Amazon hangout?

what's a hangout its just a cool place to relax and do something that you love doingSo, now it’s YOUR turn. It’s a basic system for creating product ideas anytime you desire.

Like right now.

It’s been my experience that there are particular locations where hot product ideas are always collected. It’s likewise a community center for new item ideas. Let’s look at an example …

When I searched for “Golf”, I was able to immediately spot instantly great ideas, “how to work out business offers during golf getaways,” “Legal golf tax reductions for business people,” and “service workshops and golf: how to mix training and enjoyable for optimum revenue” are simply a couple of more concepts worth checking out.

Resource guides to discovering the finest offers on playing golf products, how to work out discount rates, and how to find the finest products for your specific golf game also come to mind as item concepts.

what’s a hangout place its just a cool place to relax and do something that you love doing with others or just yourself.

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